Tuesday, July 19, 2016


My friend prayed for me this morning because my level of frustration was too much to bear on my own
I am writing this without punctuation at the end of sentences because that’s what waiting feels like So much of what I am doing now feels like doing then waiting then doing some more without a real end in sight I know there will be one But when
I have waited for so many things in my life and in this season it feels like the waiting just goes on and on Many of the people around me don’t see the waiting because it is held close
Prayers that long to be answered and the discomfort of waiting just festers some days and other days there is peace
But not today
Today there is anger in the waiting I write to keep the bitterness at bay Praying for others in the waiting season brings a reprieve from my own pain and frustration only to have it return in some crescendo like holler at Heaven I know waiting transforms exposes releases reveals

Today I’m going for a walk with my dog while I wait some more

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