Monday, July 7, 2014

Transformer! Yes! That's ME!

I am laughing at myself today. A lot. Here is a photo of me and the other Transformer I love, Optimus Prime.

I have had HUGE major life transitions in the past 18 months and there are more on the horizon.

I find it quite helpful to not take myself too seriously. I have a lot of areas of my life in transition and flux but I depend on my sense of humor and faith to keep from getting sucked into a vortex of fear.

Today I committed to a month long "Boot Camp" class after almost blacking out in my first one. Yes, still chuckling over that...

You see, my body is in SUCH a crazy state of transformation that I was caught completely unaware of the new consistent needs it would have for a HIGH intensity workout.

I am almost four months post op from gastric sleeve surgery and I feel great, until I don't hydrate and fuel my body well enough for the crazy workout plan I have! So, lesson learned. Hydrate VERY well before, during and after (normal for everyone but with only small drinks for a smaller stomach, I must concentrate much more on constantly drinking fluids) and fueling before a workout. When I was overweight before surgery I could count on my fat stores for fueling a workout if I got in a time crunch. However, almost 70lbs down in a few months, my body isn't really sure what is going on and insists it get the fuel it needs before I push it to the limits of exhaustion.

I am also looking for a job. When I quit to have our first son ten years ago, I swore I'd never re-enter the workforce. I hated it and would never go back. But why did I hate it? I wanted to be a stay at home mom forever and after waiting over nine years to get pregnant I knew I'd never want to be or do anything else.

Until now.

I love raising our sons. They are my most favorite people in the world second only to my Love. They challenge me, test me and give me belly laughs like no one ever has. They stretch me in ways I never thought was possible, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have enjoyed ALMOST every minute. Any parent out there knows that there are some minutes you just don't enjoy...

They need me differently now. I have really begun to come to terms with the change in my role in encouraging and supporting them to stretch, grow and be challenged by life knowing their Dad and I will be right beside them all the way. Even if I have a full-time job.

My brain longs to stretch for an education in all sorts of directions. I look forward to working with adults, handling challenges that stretch my intellect and learning new facets of the business world I'd never had the courage to dive into before. I am applying for all kinds of jobs in all kinds of industries. My work ethic, administrative talents and gifts are going to be an asset to any organization, I am very confident of that!

So, before you want to send me any network marketing information, I am not interested. At. All.

I want to rejoin the workforce in an office that is not my home, Go beyond the borders I have savored for these past ten years and reach for the great unknown... for myself and for my family.