Friday, December 12, 2014

PREPARE instead of Procrastinate

Five Minute Friday is one of my favorite blog post events I participate in. I start here to get my word prompt and write for five minutes without editing like the crazy word nerd that I am.

Today's Prompt: PREPARE


I saw a t-shirt this week posted on Facebook. It said "I put the PRO in Procrastinate". It made me laugh. Sort of. I procrastinate less and less now that I know it is one of the obvious signs I'm heading towards depression.

Now, I try to put the PRO in PROACTIVE.

This requires that I PREPARE for a whole lot of things better than I used to.

PREPARE my heart for hearing from God throughout the day by acknowledging Him first thing and thanking Him in advance for all that comes my way.
PREPARE my mind for the needs and activities that I know will happen and preventing ahead of time the "stinkin' thinkin'" that robs me of the ability to move forward at the pace my life requires.
PREPARE my body for learning to ski this winter -- NEED more TIME at the GYM!
PREPARE my family for the events of the day, planning to be a blessing to all they encounter and walk in grace and compassion for others.
PREPARE my home for life to happen without the chaos that comes when things are disheveled and disorganized.

I have been working on these things for several weeks, some for many years. I don't necessarily do them well all the time but each day, week, month and year that goes by, I improve because I'm finally focused on them instead of just responding to the crisis that occurs when I don't PREPARE.



  1. Hello! Visiting here from FMF.

    I think I saw this slogan before, too! Putting the Pro in procrastination. I can relate. I really appreciate your thoughts on the word Prepare.
    It (your take on this word) reminds me of several sayings I have for myself. One... I might not be able to control the situation but I can control my reaction towards it. Two...She who is flexible will not get bent out of shape. And three...My response makes or breaks a situation.

    Oh - we are ever a work in progress - are we not?

  2. Love this..."stinkin thinkin" - boy is that one we have to prepare ourselves for! Taking all those thoughts captive. So grateful that we serve a God who gives grace in every area - the ones we prepare for and even the ones we don't. Happy to have found you today, FMF neighbor. Blessings to you.